Who Are the Native Americans?

Who are the Native Americans? The American Indian -- called Indian by the whites. The Native Americans are the ones given this land in the beginning, to live upon, honor and care for. They are the original inhabitants of this land now called America. They are the original Americans... and they still inhabit the land as they have since the dawn of time. They are on reservations, in the cities, and on the farms. They are called by many names -- Shawnee and Cherokee being the two most recognized in central Kentucky. Who are they? Above all they are human beings, children of God and they too have the right to be here. We are all one, under the one God.

The Native American wants the misrepresentations, the stereotypes and the untruths dispelled. The Native Americans want their story told. Not the stories of a conqueror who wrote the history books, but the stories of the people. Native Americans are a proud, dignified people with a history, a culture, a language, and traditions and religious beliefs that have served them for thousands of years. They want to be recognized as they are and allowed to live and preserve their way of life, without interference.

The stories are many. Will you hear?

Let the story fires be lit..

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