The following pages represent an attempt to depict Native Americans as they are - not as the history books, the history books written by the conquerors, have shown them.

Native Americans are not the uncivilized savages that the popular media has portrayed for years. It is so easy to forget that this land we call America was occupied and cared for by the various peoples who had lived on this land for tens of thousands of years -- long before the Europeans came. It was their land and it was taken from them -- by force. Yes they fought and they fought with a vengeance. And rightfully so.

We the citizens of this continent would also fight if we were invaded by another people who wanted to take our land and our resources. We Americans are a proud and somewhat haughty people. We think our way is best and anyone and everyone who does not conform to our way is somehow less than we. We continue to want to enforce our ways upon the peoples of the world and in spite of all the disastrous situations we continue to put ourselves in, we still do it.

Even those who claim to be religious and upright and believe in our religious teachings of brotherhood and equality have managed to declare exceptions -- the Jews, the Negroes, the Mexicans, the Indians -- whoever may not be like us. And we either are ignorant of or choose to ignore the contributions they have made to our country and our way of life. We're a pretty pompous bunch.

The shame of what our White ancestors did to our Indian ancestors cannot be erased. Nor can we be accountable for what our ancestors did in the past. But with knowledge of this we are accountable for what we do now and in the future.

These pages are for those who really care about the brotherhood of man, which all religions teach, and who want to know the truth.

These pages are far from complete - if complete is even possible, which is doubtful. This is the beginning and in the days, or weeks, or months ahead it will be undergoing change. Please bear with us. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact the web master.

All pages have sound. If it doesn't start immediately you might want to wait a few seconds - or minutes. All but three are .wav files which sound good but are extremely slow in loading -- but worth the wait if you have the time. Information on these pages was compiled by J. Miller, 1998, unless otherwise indicated.

We will post a "Festivals" page for a schedule of Native American activities we find out about in the state of Kentucky. If you are aware of upcoming festivals, please let us know. We would like to have the date, location, name of contact person and sponsoring agency.

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